Latino Claims to be Trump’s Son

Ernesto Trump, born Ernest Baez Acosta, legally changed his last name to match the president’s surname after claiming to be Donald Trump’s son. He is the son of Mexican immigrants, was born in Houston, Texas, and has a YouTube channel with his wife, Janna Acosta.

Trump's Son

Ernest has strange reasons to back up his bold statement, saying he’s just as crazy as Donald Trump and that they look alike. He also stated that he had a dream where Trump was his father and told Primer Impacto that they have the same blood.

“He is crazy like me, we look alike, I feel like we have the same blood, and one day I had a dream that the Donald was my dad.” – Ernesto Trump

His wife Janna does not agree with him entirely but supports his decisions. They are vloggers who do extreme challenges online like eat live scorpions, but Ernesto assures he is not doing this for fame or attention – he just wants to meet his father.

“I want to make it clear that I’m not doing this for money or publicity. I only want my dad to come meet me — President Donald Trump.” – Ernesto Trump

The 34-year-old paid $272 to change his last name to Trump, and his wife is thinking of following in his footsteps. His parents are the ones who were upset at first but later realized he could do whatever he wants and they would love him the same.

Negative comments on the internet have also poured in by the thousands, and Ernesto loves to read them all. He is not affected by the backlash, but he is proud of his heritage and says he won’t let his father build the border wall.

“As long as I am the son of the President, I will not let my dad build the wall because I am Mexican and I love my race.” – Ernesto Trump

When asked what he would want to do if he met Trump one day, Ernesto said he just wanted to eat, have a beer, and go to the movies. Until that day happens, Ernesto will have to settle for a tattoo of Donald Trump’s face on the back of his leg.

Ernesto has ink everywhere, even on his face. It’s sad to say that the Trump tattoo has not been his worst decision when it comes to body art. “I know that the President would like it if I got a tattoo of his face on my body because he is very vain and eccentric, like me,” he said.

Watch Ernesto Trump’s interview with Primer Impacto:

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Latino Claims to be Trump’s Son

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